Professional singing lessons and vocal coaching

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Professional quality singing lessons designed to make the very best of your voice and your potential.

  • Understand exactly how your voice works
  • Sing effectively in different styles
  • Find your own unique sound
  • Sing with ease and efficiency, night after night
  • Gain more power and tone
  • Increase your range
  • Replace mystery with knowledge
  • Remove performance anxiety
  • Sing without pain, strain or undue effort
  • Perform with complete confidence
  • Sing with the freedom to express yourself
  • Learn to love your voice

Vocal Coaching for everyone

In setting up Vocal Skills back in 2001, Andy committed himself to bringing high quality, professional standard vocal coaching to clients of all ages, backgrounds, experience and genres.

All lessons take place in a custom-built, soundproofed studio and the environment is one of safe experimentation. Lessons are clearly structured and explained, and pupils are encouraged to find new ways to use their voice, without a sense of 'right' and 'wrong' - so long as the voice is used efficiently and healthily, all sounds are welcomed!

Unlike 'traditional' singing lessons, which focus on one musical style or genre, Estill Voice Training™ can explain the requirements of any type of singing - and show you how to achieve that sound, quickly and simply. Whether you sing Musicals, Opera, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Gospel or Worship, Andy will give you the knowledge of how your voice works, and how to apply it to each unique style:

At an early stage of your tuition, Andy will help you to draw up a personal development plan based on your aims and experience. This plan will be completely individual and lessons are designed to move steadily through that plan, to get you to your personal vocal goals as safely and speedily as possible. Throughout this process, Andy will encourage you to evaluate your progress. Knowledge gives confidence and it's important that you ask any questions that you have - there are literally no silly questions.

Below, you'll find a list of the most common questions Andy has been asked over the last twenty years. Hopefully you'll find all your answers here. If not, please don't hesitate to Contact Andy and ask any questions you still have.

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Stephanie Kirkham - Vocal Skills pupil

Stephanie Kirkham

Before meeting Andy I’d written lots of songs but not done much performing. I’d been fortunate enough to sign a record deal on the strength of a capella demos but I think that was more about my song-writing than my singing ability (I had a very quiet voice) Anyway the album ‘That Girl’ was released and then another ‘Sunlight On My Soul’ and that’s when I met Andy.

Having a quiet voice but wanting to go out and sing my songs live, I knew I needed expert advice to not only get more volume but also to protect my voice in order to sustain my performance ability.

Before I met Andy I used humming as a warm up and I sang well enough to record my songs but I knew I needed help if I were to be able to sing more frequently and to improve my skills.

Andy taught me about the workings of the vocal cords (folds) and throat, the muscles and the way we make sound and how small changes can make a huge difference in not only volume but quality.

He showed me techniques to strengthen what I was already doing and also showed me areas I did not know existed, providing me with not only a wider range but also the ability to hold notes longer and more powerfully.

The new songs I began to write were a bit stronger and I wanted to go out and sing to an audience but I knew I needed a bit more strength vocally and also a bit more courage. Andy helped me feel I could do it and I felt like I had someone on my side. I became more aware of what I was doing while I sang. The exercises were great and my voice improved.

Psychology plays a huge part too and Andy helped me with grounding and centering myself and I became more confident. He has a calm, gentle nature and I felt comfortable and at ease and I can’t recommend him enough.

I have moved to Cornwall now, so unfortunately too far away to continue my lessons with Andy. I’m happy to say the guidance and teachings passed on to me from him, continue to help me to improve, sustain and take care of my voice. When my third album ‘Tiny Spark’ was released, I played some small gigs and a radio tour. I’m now working on my fourth album.

Whether you’re a singer, performer, actor or speaker – it’s essential to get the best out of your voice and to know how to properly take care of it. If you have the opportunity to work with Andy Follin I recommend you take advantage, as the information learned now can serve you for a lifetime. Best wishes on your musical journey!

Stephanie Kirkham

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