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Singing lessons with Andy Follin will give you the necessary vocal skills to use your voice effectively, in any style and genre.

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The best teacher I’ve ever had in any field

I have worked with Andy for less than a year and he is truly the best teacher I’ve ever had in any field. He’s super professional, honest and kind. I’d never had any singing lessons when I started with him and he built my confidence and technique so quickly. I highly recommend him to anyone! I had a fantastic time working with him and due to his help I’m going to a top drama school after only one audition. This is all down to Andy and his amazing techniques, not only in singing, but in navigating audition technique. I can’t thank Andy enough!

Katie Farrell, Musical Theatre performer

Knowledge is Power

Andy Follin Estill CMT

Have you ever sung well, but not known how? Or had a problem that you couldn't fix? Do you wish you could sing in more than one style? If you've ever asked the questions 'how did I do that?' or 'why does my voice do this?', Andy can help.

Singing lessons with Andy will give you complete control over your voice, allowing you to sing in any style, in any repertoire, all with complete skill and understanding - and all with your own beautiful voice!

Unlike 'traditional' singing lessons, which focus on one musical style or genre, Estill Voice Training™ can explain the requirements of any type of singing - and show you how to achieve that sound, quickly and simply. Whether you sing Musicals, Opera, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Gospel or Worship, Andy will give you the knowledge of how your voice works, and how to apply it to each unique style:

Whatever you want to sing, Estill Voice Training™ will answer the questions:

…what sound do I want to create, and which structures do I need to control to create that sound?

Achieve your full potential

Be in complete control of your own individual voice

  • Understand exactly how your voice works
  • Sing effectively in different styles
  • Find your own unique sound
  • Sing with ease and efficiency, night after night
  • Gain more power and tone
  • Increase your range
  • Replace mystery with knowledge
  • Remove performance anxiety
  • Sing without pain, strain or undue effort
  • Perform with complete confidence
  • Sing with the freedom to express yourself
  • Learn to love your voice

Estill vocal coaching

Andy Follin Estill CMT

Andy Follin is an Estill Master Trainer (EMT) of Estill Voice Training™, and one of the most respected vocal coaches currently working in the UK.

(Click here to see Andy's profile on the EVT website)

Certified EVT representatives are an elite group of teachers and coaches - internationally recognized for their extensive knowledge of the voice, and for the innovative teaching techniques they employ in their singing lessons and vocal coaching sessions. There are only around 40 Certified Estill teachers in the whole of the UK and Andy is the only Estill Master Trainer working in the North West of England.

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Professional Singing lessons in North West England

Andy is a full time professional vocal coach, not a school teacher, singer or pianist giving a few singing lessons in their spare time. Andy does not insist on long-term tuition, where students have to attend regular lessons, repeating the same exercises until their voice improves. You can attend as often as you like, but there's no compulsion to attend every week or every fortnight. In fact, many students find that a singing lesson every 4 to 6 weeks suits their needs.

Estill Voice Training™ is known for producing quick results. Quite often, Andy finds that long-standing problems can be fixed in the first few lessons. At your first session, Andy will give you an assessment of your abilities and draw up a singing lesson development plan that ensures you get to where you want to be, as quickly as possible.

If you're ready to take your voice to the next level, book a singing lesson with Andy today (see bottom of page).

Andy runs his studio in St Helens so is ideally located for students in the Liverpool, Merseyside, Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire areas. Please check out the separate pages for students from Liverpool, Merseyside, Warrington, Widnes / Runcorn, Wigan, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales.

Vocal Coaching for everyone

In setting up Vocal Skills back in 2001, Andy committed himself to bringing high quality, professional standard vocal coaching to clients of all ages, backgrounds, experience and genres.

Although Andy works mainly with professional singers, he's more than happy to work with serious students at all stages of their career development, to ensure they're given the right guidance at the right time - all he asks for is a willingness to learn!

All lessons take place in a custom-built, soundproofed studio and the environment is one of safe experimentation. Lessons are clearly structured and explained, and pupils are encouraged to find new ways to use their voice, without a sense of 'right' and 'wrong' - so long as the voice is used efficiently and healthily, all sounds are welcomed!

Unlike 'traditional' singing lessons, which focus on one musical style or genre, Andy, as an Estill Master Trainer (EMT), can explain the requirements of any type of singing - and show you how to achieve them, quickly and simply.

Learn more about: Musical Theatre singing lessons, Opera singing lessons, Pop and R&B singing lessons,Rock singing lessons.

For professional singers, a singing lesson with Andy can assist with gig and audition prep, vocal strengthening, range improvement, tonal balance, learning new vocal styles and voice rehabilitation for those occasions when things have gone slightly off track. If you're a singer who is suddenly having difficulties, or just looking for a vocal MOT before an important gig or audition, a singing lesson with Andy will quickly get you back in full vocal health.
If you've recently graduated and are preparing for professional auditions, Andy will give you an honest opinion of your performance and the kind of feedback you might hope to get from an audition panel or agent, but don't always get!
If you're intending to audition at a major drama school or college when you leave higher education, Andy can tailor your singing lesson to help you prepare your audition material and work through any technical difficulties to ensure you present yourself in the best possible light.
Andy passionately believes that all singers deserve the best tuition. This especially applies if you're fairly new to singing, but serious about your future. At this stage, it's vitally important that you're taught the basics - and taught them properly. Whether you want to be a lead in a musical, a front man in a band, a solo artist, an opera singer or a worship leader at your local church, singing lessons with Andy are designed to ensure that you learn at your own pace, giving you the time and freedom to discover your own voice.
Andy is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience, in the hope that every pupil gets the best possible tuition. As part of this, Andy has trained a network of teachers all of whom are working in the industry at various levels.

It requires a lot of trust for a teacher to place themselves in the position of being a pupil and Andy ensures that all teacher training is undertaken as a collaborative, supportive process, designed to use, build on and refine your existing skills.
Andy has great experience of teaching singers how to 'cross over' styles. If you're an opera singer who wants to audition for musicals, or a pop singer with a Jazz gig coming up, you'll need to understand the different techniques required to make you sound authentic. Singing lessons with Andy can give you this knowledge in a way that will seem like second nature, as though you've been singing that way all your life!
Andy doesn't normally work with younger children, but often gets requests from parents who have an interest in their child's future. In those cases, Andy is happy to arrange a consultation lesson, where he works with the pupil and draws up a plan of action to ensure a proper, safe development. Andy believes that it's important that younger children sing for enjoyment (school choir, glee clubs, theatre groups etc). Proper vocal training doesn't need to begin until the voice is physically mature. But there are always exceptions, and he has occasionally taken on younger pupils. Andy also works with a network of teachers (who he has personally trained), some of whom specialise in working with younger pupils. He could recommend one of those to you, and they would then keep him in touch with progress, until the point where they feel the pupil was ready to work with him.
If you're already singing, but unsure about your voice and its potential, or just want a professional opinion of your abilities, Andy will be happy to arrange a consultation where you can discuss your needs and desires - and help you draw up a plan of action.

How can Vocal Skills help you?

Read what other clients have to say...

I can’t recommend him enough

I’d been fortunate enough to sign a record deal on the strength of a capella demos but I knew I needed expert advice to not only get more volume but also to protect my voice in order to sustain my performance ability. Andy showed me techniques to strengthen what I was already doing and also showed me areas I did not know existed. Psychology plays a huge part too and Andy helped me with grounding and centering myself and I became more confident. He has a calm, gentle nature and I felt comfortable and at ease and I can’t recommend him enough. Stephanie Kirkham - Singer-songwriter and artist

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