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I've worked for years alongside singing teachers, and learnt a great deal. However, the responsibility of explaining aspects of vocal tract functioning in singing, in a clear, accurate, but accessible way to my singing clients, and when teaching, is quite a challenge. Andy does it superbly, particularly in terms of the complex matter of registers, but in all sorts of other areas as well. He has a wonderful ability to make things very clear but with scientific veracity.

Christina Shewell, author of  "Voice Work: art and science in changing voices"

First of all I need to tell you that your lecture, lessons and you as a teacher was inspiring. Your way of leading voices, caution, caring about the voice and respect for a vocalist is admirable. I try to be that kind of teacher but now I see how much I still need to learn.

Mirka Smrek, singer, teacher

#AndyFollin is irreplaceable! It was a vocal madness😍🤩 Experience at #vocalconsultations amazing

Karol Dziedzic, Finalist, The Voice Poland

Well what can I say about the last 18 months with Andy. When I first started I could hardly speak let alone sing, thinking that I had severe problems with my voice. It took only one session for Andy to identify that there was no problem with my voice and it was just going to take patience and time! Well fast forward to now and I can honestly say that my voice is stronger than it was before the problems and my confidence is so much improved. Andy has taken me through each stage of the process, me unlearning bad habits and developing new ones as part of the process.

I can honestly say that the last 18 months has flown. Andy puts me at ease every session, he is truly a master of his craft. I could go on and on about my time with Andy and the amount that I have learned and put into practice so if you want to understand truly how to use your voice, whilst having fun along the way then book with Andy, you won't regret it, I certainly didn't.

Sarah Griffiths, Worship singer

I have worked with Andy for less than a year and he is truly the best teacher I’ve ever had in any field. He’s super professional, honest and kind. I’d never had any singing lessons when I started with him and he built my confidence and technique so quickly. I highly recommend him to anyone! I had a fantastic time working with him and due to his help I’m going to a top drama school after only one audition. This is all down to Andy and his amazing techniques, not only in singing, but in navigating audition technique. I can’t thank Andy enough!

Katie Farrell, Musical Theatre performer

Before meeting Andy I’d been fortunate enough to sign a record deal on the strength of a capella demos but I think that was more about my song-writing than my singing ability.

Having a quiet voice but wanting to go out and sing my songs live, I knew I needed expert advice to not only get more volume but also to protect my voice in order to sustain my performance ability.

Andy showed me techniques to strengthen what I was already doing and also showed me areas I did not know existed, providing me with not only a wider range but also the ability to hold notes longer and more powerfully. I became more aware of what I was doing while I sang. The exercises were great and my voice improved.

Psychology plays a huge part too and Andy helped me with grounding and centering myself and I became more confident. He has a calm, gentle nature and I felt comfortable and at ease and I can’t recommend him enough.

Stephanie Kirkham - Singer-songwriter and artist

I absolutely love having my vocal lessons with Andy! I have a much better understanding of how my voice works and ways that I can use it in order to get a specific sound. I didn’t realise just how complex and precise the voice was until I started lessons with Andy, however he has made it easy to find new ways to use and improve my voice. Andy and I have been working towards my auditions for drama schools by perfecting my chosen songs section by section. Not only has Andy helped me with anything I was struggling with in my audition songs, but he has also given me advice on the type of songs to choose and how to present your songs in an audition. Without Andy’s help I would not have been able to gain a place at my top choice of Drama School; GSA (Guildford School of Acting)!

Georgia Richards, Musical Theatre performer

Never learned so much of such value in such a short amount of time!

Jack Corcoran - lead singer, Shooting Pigeons

From the first lesson I had with Andy, I already felt a big difference in my voice, and others did too! My sound was louder, more resonant and took much less effort to produce once he taught me a few simple exercises that change the way you think about singing. His lessons are fun and motivating; he's laid back and gives you plenty of encouragement. What I love is about Andy's service is that you don't need to go regularly, and he never forces you to rebook a lesson with him next time, but tells you to go as and when you need him. With just three lessons my voice has greatly improved (greater range and control) and so has my confidence. Andy is well worth every penny. I'd recommend him to anyone!

Adele Halsall - lead vocalist

Andy clearly knows his stuff,He is very passionate about what he does and intuitively knows what is going to work for the individual. In my first lesson Andy was able to show me the ability I already had within me just by showing me a few simple methods of singing. If you want serious singing lessons and want to understand your voice, Andy is your man!

North Star - pop and rock singer

As a "mature" pupil not expecting too much, I have been delighted with the improvement in range and power of my voice that Andy has taught me.I am now able to hit notes that I once thought impossible and when singing it has been rewarding to see the effect on audiences (dare I say) of both the power and timbre of my voice.Andy makes the lesson both instructive and constructive....and he's a nice guy! If in any doubt as to whether or not you should contact him, I would say "do it" today.

Robin Butler - folk singer

I did my presentation yesterday evening. I was offered a mike but didn't use it - I spoke to over 70 colleagues in a very large lecture theatre, no one asked me to speak up once. Many thanks for your help to make this a success with your vocal coaching, I am tremendously grateful.

Dr Peter Smyth

I am a vocal coach myself and though I have already completed vocal training, I was looking to further my skills and have recently been considering becoming an Estill certified teacher. I contacted Andy and booked a session to find out more about the Estill Pathway and also to work on a couple of aspects of my own voice. I found our first session to be very productive. Andy is extremely knowledgable about the voice and was able to communicate this knowledge effectively and at the right level. He also achieved immediate results when working on my technique issues. Andy is personable and passionate about the voice and I've no doubt that he would be able to create a positive environment in the studio for any student. I was very impressed and hope he will continue to mentor me through my Estill training.

Ruth M - vocal coach

Andy is probably one of the top vocal coaches in the North West. I'm a singing teacher myself and I still find that there is so much to learn from him. Qualifying for Estill CMT status, as Andy has done, is no mean feat and essentially means that he has a thorough scientific understanding of how the voice works and can apply this knowledge to help you get the results you want FAST.

G - singing teacher

Andy's lessons approach vocal tuition the way that any musical instrument should ideally be taught, through a thorough grounding in technique - something only a very select number of vocal teachers seem to do. The results are fantastic, liberating and surprisingly quick (compared with my experience of non-Estill vocal teachers). This, coupled with the friendly atmosphere of the lessons, makes them well worth the money. I'd recommend Andy's lessons to anyone wishing to improve their singing.

Olga Sologub - Classical pianist

I am currently a student of Andy's and have only been working with him for 7 months but from my very first lesson Andy made me feel at ease. I have improved incredibly since day one and in just 7 lessons have learned so much. Andy is honest and always tries to get the best out of your voice which gives the student confidence. I used to think that certain notes on a song were a 'no go area' but Andy showed me that I can reach them with ease. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone - he is well worth every penny.

Jeannie Ledgerton - vocalist

Andy Follin has undoubted knowledge and skill and his level of expertise is extremely rare, particularly in the north west. Andy is excellent at diagnosing a problem and not only solves problems which can seem impossible to sort out yourself but educates you about why it works so you understand your voice and can progress quickly and solidly. A lesson with Andy Follin is time and money well spent.

Paul Mc Fadden - pianist, singer, vocal coach

Receiving singing lessons as a present was both exciting but daunting - a real private 'Everest' to climb. While I've enjoyed group singing for fun, recently singing bass in a harmony group, I'm reliant on the leadership of others' voices, believing I could never sing solo. Having had tinnitus for many years with hearing loss, also major cancer surgery 18 months previously with chemotherapy finishing a year ago, my normally high personal confidence was at a low ebb.

I seriously believed before my initial class that 'one to one' sessions would prove so embarassing for both Andy and me that I would inevitably cancel the rest of the course. However, having patiently listened to my outpouring of excuses, and asked about my objectives, Andy made encouraging remarks before making an immediate start on my 'project'. Challenging me with innovative approaches to gradually stretch me out of my comfort space he vividly demonstrated with his 3D models the physiological principles of how different qualities of singing voice are produced. I was astounded to find what a high register (what I jokingly called my 'naughty' zone) and range I could reach with Andy's coaching, albeit with varying musical quality emerging!

Having completed the lessons-gift, I recorded a song in a professional studio; while the result is a far from perfect 'work in progress', it's been a remarkably insightful and enjoyable learning experience, which I hope to continue.

Andy proved to be an outstandingly gifted and professional teacher, guide and mentor on my solo singing journey: immediately engaging with me as an individual ; gently stripping away my preconceived inability-to-sing-solo baggage; highly knowledgeable about both the physiology and psychology of singing; quietly enthusiastic in empowering me with understanding of both theory and practical application. The atmosphere was relaxed and informal but highly focussed with learning points patiently revisited.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Andy Follin as a singing teacher and coach. Being a rare Estill Voice Training Estill Master Trainer (EMT) is clearly a hard won and well deserved measure of his abilities.

Sue W - architect

Andy is knowledgeable, professional, patient, passionate and easily understandable. I have been taking opera singing lessons with Andy for the last 18 months and would recommend him to anyone for any type of vocal training. I have had lessons with several teachers and Andy is simply a cut above. His Estill training enables him to provide clear explanations of how the voice can be manipulated to make all types of sound in speech and all singing styles. His manner is always professional but relaxed and welcoming and his ability to give direction whilst remaining positive and encouraging is always welcomed, in addition to his seemingly endless patience. Andy's passion for Estill techniques and all the work that we do together is inspiring and motivating and the results are quite frankly, unbelievable.

Jennie Roden - opera singer

What an experience! I am a 'mature' student and visted Andy wanting to know if I have a voice or the ability to learn to sing. Within a few minutes of the first session, I realised how lucky I was to have found Andy Follin. He is a true professional. Very welcoming, enthusiastic, encouraging and clearly passionate about his profession. In that session alone, he gave me a real understanding of how my voice works and with practical application he showed me how to use that understanding to get the best from my 'instrument'. Andy's experience and knowledge is evident. His ability and approach increased my confidence by 100%. By the end of the session I was working on a song I wouldn't have attempted in my wildest dreams, and I loved every minute of it! His enthusiasm is infectious and like great teachers who empower their students, he sent me out eager to put the learning into practice. I haven't stopped singing since (much to the amusement of my fellow travellers on the motorway!) and I am keen to find out what is in store at the next session. Andy's approach is fun and professional. If you want to learn to sing, or increase your existing ability to the highest level, and you are keen to understand your voice, this is the place for you.

Gill Wood - negotiator

My daughter Danielle has found the lessons are taught at the correct pace. Andy's explanations on how the voice works and how to add range and power are explained in an easy to understand way. The lessons have improved Danielle's confidence. She recently performed at a charity event in front of a large audience and the difference in delivery and tone since starting with Andy was apparent as she exercised her newly learnt techniques. Andy is very friendly and will put anyone at ease if nervous. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone who wishes to improve their technique.

Gina Wilson - parent

Andy's approach to teaching is very professional, relaxed and fun, he makes you feel comfortable and tailors each lesson to your need as an individual. He has extensive knowledge of the voice and how it works, is able to identify problem areas and give techniques and advice to correct and improve your vocal ability. I have been singing with Andy for about 12 months and have gained invaluable knowledge and experience. I am now able to use different voice qualities to sing in a variety of genres, which I didn't think possible! I feel extremely fortunate to have found a vocal coach with Andy's level of skill and expertise.

Debi Upton - adult social care worker

Coaching designed around you

Andy is a full-time, professional vocal coach, not a school teacher, singer or pianist giving a few singing lessons in their spare time. Unlike a lot of voice teachers, Andy does not insist on long-term tuition, where students have to attend regular lessons, repeating the same exercises until their voice improves. You can attend as often as you like, but there's no compulsion to attend every week or every fortnight. In fact, many students only book sessions every 4 to 6 weeks.

Estill Voice Training™ is known for producing quick results. Quite often, Andy finds that long-standing problems can be fixed in the first few lessons. At your first session, Andy will give you an assessment of your abilities and draw up a plan that ensures you get to where you want to be, as quickly as possible.

If you're ready to take your voice - and career - to the next level, book a lesson with Andy today (see bottom of page).

to the next level, book a lesson with Andy today (see bottom of page).

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