Questions about the voice - answered!

The what, why and how of singing

For years, vocal technique was surrounded in mystery - with no way of seeing how the voice worked, singers and singing teachers had to use imagery and guesswork to understand the workings of the vocal mechanism.

With the advent of modern technology, things have moved on rapidly! We now have a much clearer picture of the voice and are able to separate fiction from fact, vague ideas from scientific knowledge. Having said that, you'll still find hundreds of websites and Youtube videos which seem to give contradictory information to each other. With so many opinions and points of view out there, it's hard to know which advice to take.

Evidence-based information

Estill Voice Training™ has the advantage of being based on a thorough scientific foundation, with the principle that knowing how the voice works is a good thing! Below, you'll find the answers to some of the more often-asked questions. Hopefully, this will help you start your journey of discovery into the inner workings of your voice.

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